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“The Cockroach Dance
is the stunning story of one man’s
resistance to a system of intimidation
and corruption dominated by the ‘haves’
in a society of ‘have-nots’ and numerous
‘faceless ones’.
Meja Mwangi spins a fascinating tale of
one man’s revolt against exploitation”.  
The Daily Nation
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The Cockroach Dance
Cockroach Dance
by Meja Mwangi
Every night, Dusman assures his cockroaches that tomorrow
will never come.  But tomorrow always comes, with madness
and furies, and awes and woes, and challenges that last longer
than the days.

Dusman Gonzaga lives in an old apartment building overrun by
cockroaches and squalor.  The building, Dacca House, is owned
by Tumbo Kubwa, a mindless slum lord, and occupied by a
strange mix of characters; from garbage collectors to hawkers,
from conmen to witch doctors, from genii to mad men.  In this
crazy world of wild adventures and appalling poverty, Dusman
tries to organize the tenants to boycott paying rent in a desperate
move to force the landlord to listen to their woes.
Cockroach Dance
hm books, 2009
The Cockroach Dance by Meja Mwangi