After a successful career as a government
Minister, the Old Man breaks ranks with
the Big Chiefs and is banished to a
remote outpost in the Northern
Frontier. In an
emotional recollection to the Boy, the Old Man reveals how the Big
Chiefs used the colonial labels of tall and short to set their
subjects against one another. Although he is caught up in the
genocide that ensues, the Old Man lives to tell his story, albeit with
bitterness. The mind-boggling question to the Boy is why a people
who fasted and feasted together, birthed and buried together,
lived and reasoned together; intermarried and integrated, should
suddenly rise against kith and kin. Yet, like the Old Man who had
made it to the top, romanced with power and wealth and came
tumbling down to the Pit, the young generation is only but
searching for a spark of light to illuminate the inherent evil so
evident in the hearts of men who believe in the right of might.

The Big Chiefs is the story of greed for power and wealth at the
expense of humanity.

In this apocalyptic novel, Meja Mwangi, spins a moral tale of
courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and tells a story
that is full of love and compassion, and one that is as
heart-warming as it is disturbing.
The Big Chiefs
hm books, 2007
252 pgs
The Old Man
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"... i find this novel (The Big
Chiefs) a great piece of
literature, impressive and
despairingly reflecting the
realities, despite its ending. I
actually virtually saw it as a
piece of theatre and could very
well imagine it performed on
stage.  It has a power reminding
me of Waiting for Godot".

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